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“When The Music Stopped”

Track our progress from Lockdown to Main Concert in the following videos with thanks to our film crew Tess and Andrew Wheatley:

PART 1 – First Rehearsal

PART 2 – Singing In The Rain

PART 3 – Zoom!

PART 4 – Waiting

PART 5 – A Fly in The Ointment?

PART 6 – Moving Home

PART 7 – Old Friend & New Beginnings

PART 8 – The Great Outdoors



Unchained Melody – Albert Hall 2018


And Can It Be – Albert Hall 2019



Hallelujah – Albert Hall 2019


 Gwahoddiad – Albert Hall 2018


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CMVC Digital Albums Available for Streaming & Purchase

Carlton Male Voice Choir is one of the few male voice choirs signed to a record label and with a deal that allows worldwide digital album releases. Search for ‘Carlton Male Voice Choir’ on any streaming outlet such as Spotify, Google Music, Amazon, Youtube, etc to listen to our music for free. We encourage you to save our music to your playlists so that you can play it time and time again. To purchase and own an album as an MP3 on your computer or device click on the album covers. Enjoy!

On-line Streaming Album Live at the Albert Hall, Nottingham


On-line Streaming Album Live at Karlsruhe Stadtkirche

The song ‘Amazing Grace’ from this album charted at number 69 in the iTunes digital charts in January 2019.