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“C’mon Baby Light My Choir!”


Carlton Male Voice Choir extends a warm invitation to all individuals with lower register voices across the Nottingham region. If you’re passionate about singing, performing, and enjoying social camaraderie, then please come “Light My Choir” and join us at our Netherfield Rehearsal Venue every Wednesday from 7:30 to 9:30 pm!

Our rehearsal venue offers convenient free parking just a few yards from the entrance, ensuring hassle-free access for all. With a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere, our choir welcomes members from diverse backgrounds and ages, including those in their 20s and beyond. New singers can look forward to exploring a wide range of musical genres and exciting performance opportunities.

Additionally, members have the chance to enhance their musical skills together through our Carlton Male Voice Choir Level Awards in Music Theory. For those interested in taking part, a list of singers who have achieved this honor can be found on our ‘Who’s Who’ page. Join us and embark on a fulfilling musical journey with Carlton Male Voice Choir!

We are lucky to have a regular influx of new members – A big welcome to our latest probationary members: Gordon Choi (2nd Tenor), Andrew Doe (1st Tenor), Wayne Kitchener (1st Tenor), John Dearden (Baritone), Arthur Aitchison (Baritone), Rich Wisker (Baritone), and Tony Travis (Baritone)!


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Who do I contact to join?  Please get in touch with our Secretary Howard who will make the arrangements or also feel free to just turn up at any session at 7:15pm on a Wednesday at Netherfield. Howard Lloyd – 07306 039777 –

Q: Do I need to be a professional singer to join?

A: Absolutely not! We welcome singers of all skill levels and backgrounds. Our primary goal is to help you develop your musical abilities and singing talents. As long as you’re willing to give it a try and put in the effort, we’re dedicated to supporting your growth and seeing where your journey takes you. Our rehearsals are enjoyable, fulfilling, and laid-back, providing a supportive environment for you to progress at your own pace. Plus, you don’t need prior experience reading music – we’re here to assist you in learning that skill if you’re interested. With guidance from our experienced team at Carlton Male Voice Choir, you’ll find yourself improving your music skills step by step, and before you know it, you’ll be reaping the rewards of singing with the choir. Join us and discover the joy of music-making together!

Q: Is it expensive to join?

A: Not at all! The cost of each rehearsal with our choir is actually less than what you’d typically spend on a drink at a pub. We collect membership subscriptions annually, which can be paid in a single payment or through convenient monthly installments. If affordability is still a concern, we’re here to help. Feel free to discuss your situation with us, as we have options available to ensure that joining is accessible to all. Your subscription fees contribute to covering expenses such as rehearsal room rental and the support of our professional music team, among other essential aspects of our choir operations.

Q: Is there too much for me to learn before I can sing on stage?

A: Not at all! While we do have a diverse repertoire that allows us to perform at various venues, we understand the importance of learning at your own pace. We encourage our members to focus on mastering one piece of music at a time, gradually and bit by bit. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable and confident, whether you’re a quick learner or prefer to take your time. For new members, we recommend using their music on stage for up to six months, providing ample time to become familiar with the material in a stress-free manner. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll adapt and feel ready to shine on stage!

Q: Does it take up too much time? I might need to miss a week, is that OK?

A: We understand that your time is valuable, which is why we strive to make our rehearsals as efficient and rewarding as possible. For most of the year, we rehearse weekly on Wednesday evenings for two hours. Additionally, during half of the year, we hold voluntary Friday evening sessions. These Friday sessions start earlier and are shorter, allowing plenty of time for your Friday night plans.

While Wednesday rehearsals are essential, attending Friday sessions is encouraged but optional. However, it’s during these Friday sessions where we often delve deeper into refining our performance abilities, ultimately enhancing the standard of our performances.

We recognise that life can sometimes get busy, and it’s not a problem if you need to miss a week of rehearsals or arrive late occasionally. All we ask is that you make your best effort to attend when you’re available. Learning music does require a certain level of commitment, and we appreciate your dedication to our choir. Rest assured, we’ll work together to ensure that your investment of time with us is met with the very best experience in return.


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“Alway Something Sings”

We are always actively recruiting to protect our future and have been fortunate to attract regular new members continually.

Joining a choir is a big thing to do, especially if you’ve not sung with others before, we know that as we have all gone through it, including me! But I can’t recommend it enough and those that give it a go reap the rewards in plenty singing with a great bunch of people, making new friends, having great fun in a great atmosphere and building new experiences together whilst performing some great and varied music at some wonderful and interesting venues for deserving causes. Carlton Male Voice Choir is a great place to start if you want to join a renowned and respected choir as an experienced singer with existing ability or also if you are a total novice; we cater for all at all levels and all people equally and will support your individual growth. What we do say is that you will learn to be a member as well as learning to understand music and your voice as these standards are important to us in the way that we learn and understand the music we perform. The choir has the skills and people to be able to develop your singing, music ability, confidence and stage-craft and provide you with experiences that some people only ever dream of! Come give us a try – you will be pleasantly surprised and you won’t regret it.

We meet on Wednesdays from 7:30 to 9:30 pm and for half the year also voluntarily on Fridays from 7:00 to 8:30pm at our rehearsal venue:

Netherfield Baptist Church, Netherfield, Nottingham NG4 2LE.

Ian Watts (Musical Director)


Our comfortable rehearsal venue










Howard Lloyd – 07306 039777 –


10 good reasons why YOU should Join Us…

  1. Develop musical literacy by learning to read and interpret music, enhancing both your vocal skills and confidence.
  2. Engage in a rewarding activity that promotes overall well-being, including improved breathing, stress reduction, focused learning, and enhanced mental health.
  3. Showcase your talent on stage at prestigious venues, as well as intimate local concerts and outdoor festivals, delighting audiences with your performances.
  4. Embark on subsidised concert tours, collaborating with other choirs and groups both nationally and internationally, creating unforgettable musical experiences.
  5. Make a difference by contributing to charitable causes, helping to raise funds for local, national, and international initiatives through our performances.
  6. Leave a lasting legacy by recording your voice for our next video or recording, reaching audiences worldwide through our choir’s record deal and chart success.
  7. Forge meaningful connections and friendships with fellow singers who share your passion for music and singing.
  8. Immerse yourself in our vibrant social scene, organised by our dedicated Social Teams, offering opportunities for camaraderie and fun beyond rehearsals.
  9. Discover the joy of singing as a hobby that becomes an irresistible passion, offering endless opportunities for personal growth and fulfillment.

 – just ask any of our members who, once they started singing, simply could not stop! Here are some of their comments:

“I was made very welcome by everyone I met”
“The pleasure of singing and the challenge of learning new music”
“Everybody was friendly and encouraging”
“The first song made the hair stand up on the back of my neck!”
“I wished I’d joined years ago”
“I believe, to my great satisfaction, that my singing, has improved and I feel much more confident”
“I enjoy Choir tours which are very well organised”
“Carlton Male Voice Choir should be available on the NHS!

Please contact our Secretary if you would like further information or just to have a chat about the possibility of joining us.

Further Info on Joining Us – What to Expect

Membership is open to all equally, come an be part of our choir community.

The first visit of a new prospective member is an introductory one. On arrival, please make your way to the front of the room (stage area) where you will be warmly welcomed and introduced to our Musical Director who will do an informal voice check away from the choir and assign you to a section, introducing you to your Section Leader. Our Membership Secretary will provide you with a Welcome Pack containing essential choir details and of course some music. In return, you are asked to provide your contact details, fill in a ‘This Is Me’ form that tells us a bit about yourself and return the pack at the end of rehearsal. On your second visit the Welcome Pack is yours to keep hold of until becoming a full member. If there are any barriers or concerns potentially preventing you from getting the very best from our choir or being able to participate fully then please let us know on the ‘This is Me’ document which is treated in the strictest confidence.

The Section Leader or Musical Director will assign an experienced ‘Mentor’ to help, support and guide the you through your probationary period, please sit with this person as often as possible. Access to audio learning tracks will also be provided to help you start to learn our music. The mentor will help guide you as you learn.

You can attend choir rehearsals until you feel sufficiently proficient in your voice and musical ability to take an audition to become a full member and appear with the choir on stage, the time taken for this is absolutely open ended; it takes as long as you like but we’d love you to work towards this. Details on the audition process will be made quickly available and it is nothing to fear.

Life in the choir is not all work! We are a community and rehearsals and concerts are often followed by a voluntary visit to a local pub for refreshments and sometimes even an informal sing. Our Social Team organise a number of fun events throughout the year which you are welcome to attend, there is also a wonderful opportunity to tour with the choir annually.

The Choir seeks to put on professional and entertaining concerts to a high standard. This is achieved by attendance at Wednesday rehearsals throughout the year and Friday rehearsals from November to the end of April, regular attendance in excess of 70% on Wednesdays is expected as reasonable. We also ask that apologies please be given for any none attendance to the Section Leader and that a professional attitude and respect of others is shown at all times. Speak to us if your commitment levels differ from this expectation as we can always explore ways to make things work for you.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for more Frequently Asked Questions.


Our Latest Members

We are so pleased to welcome probationary members Gordon Choi (2nd Tenor), Andrew Doe (1st Tenor), Wayne Kitchener (1st Tenor), John Dearden (Baritone), Arthur Aitchison (Baritone), Rich Wisker (Baritone), and Tony Travis (Baritone) (pictured) to our choir.

Arthur and Rich


Hats off to Alan McPherson (Baritone), Terence Poon (Baritone), Chris Murratt (2nd Tenor), Derick Tetley (2nd Tenor), Terry Joyce (Baritone), Nicholson Dye (2nd Tenor), Nic Jepson (Bass), Barry Dryden (Baritone), John Wilson (1st Tenor), Sean Mansfield (1st Tenor), Barry Austin (Baritone), Jonnie Elkins (2nd Tenor), and David Smith (1st Tenor) for their outstanding auditions and recent induction as full members. Congratulations to all on this well-deserved achievement!

Chris Murratt

Derick Tetley

Terry Joyce

Nicholson Dye

Nic Jepson

Barry Dryden

Sean Mansfield

John Wilson

Barry Austin

Johnnie Elkins

Some recent new members stories, all coming from varied backgrounds and experience:

Chris joined us recently having been impressed with this website, he is a music reader so after just a short time auditioned and joined us as a full second tenor in the ranks. He is already gaining the praise of his colleagues in the section. After experiencing his first two concerts with the choir at Rufford Abbey and Beeston Chris said – “I can’t tell you how fantastic I have found this weekend!  Yesterday in particular was a joy to be part of. Exactly what I was looking for!

Tony joined us looking for something to get involved with, after a quick voice check he now resides as a baritone and it was a joy to see him supporting the choir from the audience at the Nottingham Beer Festival. Tony works for Nottingham City Transport. We look forward to Tony’s progress.

Terry joined us from seeing us perform at Patchings Arts Centre at Calverton during their massive arts festival, he was working as a marshal at the event and approached us after the performance to see about joining knowing one of our Baritones really well from another walk of life. He is fitting in really well so far in the Baritone Section and after an amazing solo performance of the full 5 minutes And Can It Be he became a full member and we wish him every success with the choir. His first performance with the choir was at Bingham.

Derick joined us out of the blue wanting to get involved in something fun and challenging after the recent passing of a family member. He has joined us and also started to learn to fly. Derick played in brass bands in days gone by and has already taken part on a live BBC radio session with the choir – so he is flying in more ways than one! Derick took his audition when he was good and ready singing a fine second tenor line to Gwahoddiad. He also passed his Level 1 theory very early on with a distinction!

Nicholson joined us invited by friend and fellow footballer Sean, he has quite a bit of singing experience having sang through his school years and as a chorister in a chamber choir whilst doing his degree. He joins us as a music reading second tenor and took his audition becoming a full member with I Will Be Child Of Peace; what a wonderful character Nicholson is with a fabulous voice full of beautiful pronunciation and diction with lovely pitching. Nicholson says he looks forward to “belting out some cracking harmonies with the lads” and as a fully fledged member he is doing that very well indeed.

Nic joined us by contacting the choir via facebook, he has started his new journey with the choir as a bass. The choir will make it possible for him to be involved despite his busy working schedule and family life. We can’t wait for Nic to develop in the fabulous bass section.

John turned up to a rehearsal after meaning to come to us for quite a while and we are so glad he did as his ability to learn music quickly is really paying off as a new first tenor and he is clearly using the learning tracks to great effect to enable him to use his voice with confidence in rehearsal. John has now sang with the choir at the Albert Hall and Southwell Minster being introduced on stage at the latter by no less than comedian John Bishop.

Sean joined the choir recently and is already singing out confidently as a first tenor, he is a training solicitor and has quickly become a brilliant and well loved new member of the choir. He has already featured as a soloist with the choir on prestigious concerts in Northampton and Bournemouth. He was interviewed live on BBC Radio for the choir with Jonnie (below).

Jonnie joined us as a second tenor and soon took his audition under the guidance of assistant Musical Director Andrew Atkinson. Johnnie is a bank manager and is making a brilliant addition to the choir. He was interviewed live on BBC Radio Nottingham as a new member of the choir!

David joined the choir as an ex-member of the renowned Northampton Male Voice Choir. He used to travel to Northampton regularly for work hence his involvement with them but as his work duties have now changed he has looked for something more locally and I am pleased to say he has found us at Carlton. David is becoming a great friend of us all socially and brings tonnes of experience to the choir as a first tenor with a lovely bright voice.

Barry A joined us to further increase his musical ambitions, he is also a member of another choir and various music groups and is soon becoming a popular character in the choir as a baritone. We cannot wait for Barry to get through his audition and sing with the choir in concert.

Barry D came along to ‘Bring A Friend Friday’ and enjoyed the experience, he has joined us as a Baritone and currently is working towards taking an audition to get his choir stripes and join us in concerts. As the husband of renowned Mezzo Soprano and Guest of the Choir Katherine Dryden he is sure to be well supported and we wish him well as he grows in confidence. He has quickly established himself as a popular member of the choir.


Howard Lloyd – 07306 039777 –



Q. Am I good enough?

A. You don’t need to be able to read music to sing with us. Every newcomer sits alongside an experienced singer, to help and guide them during their early days in the choir and to make joining as easy as possible and we help you learn to read music as you go along. We enjoy developing your skills and performance abilities so you will be supported as you continue to develop your love of singing.

As well as being provided with the score for each item of music, members also have recordings of the song parts for their particular voice to make the learning process very easy.

Prospective members can take as much time as they need and our aim is to give newcomers every assistance. We will develop you up to a point where you take a short audition to demonstrate your abilities and although it can be a little nerve wracking every attempt is supported to positively point you in the right direction; so it is absolutely nothing to be frightened of.

Rehearsals are really enjoyable – hard work and learning tempered with good humour and reward. All that is asked is that individuals attend rehearsals regularly, be professional, are willing to learn and are prepared to put in a little time outside rehearsals to facilitate the learning process – ‘little and often’ is an established formula for success in learning both music and words.

At the end of the day, the only real answer to this question is to ‘give it a try’, so why not come along and see us in rehearsal? You will find that we are a friendly and welcoming bunch and very keen to help you enjoy your singing with us.

Q. How much time will the choir take up?

A. We rehearse weekly on Wednesdays 7:30-9:30pm. We rehearse on Fridays for half of the year from 7:00-8:30pm allowing ample time to get out and do something sociable afterwards. It also helps if choristers can spend a little time between rehearsals by going over the song parts and again before concerts, learning tracks are provided to make this very easy. Most songs are sung without music copies so these need to be known ‘off-by-heart’ and the the ability to do this only comes with practice – you will be amazed how quickly this skill comes with the help from all around you. Music copies can be used in concert for the first six months after becoming a full member. Choristers are expected to attend Wednesday rehearsals on a regular basis and Fridays when they can.

Rehearsals are often followed by a voluntary social gathering in a local pub and all are welcome.

Q. How much will it cost me?

A. Choristers pay an annual membership subscription which covers running costs, the music team, music scores, uniform and the rehearsal venue. The choir puts aside some funds for members who may have difficulties meeting costs, so finances need not deter those who want to sing with us. Details of the current subscription amount can be requested via the contact page.

Members are usually expected to make their own way to concerts and other events. Let us know if transport is a problem and we will endeavour to help.

From time to time, national or overseas tours are organised for the choir to travel and sing with other choirs. The cost of such trips has to be borne by the individual members, but there is often a valuable subsidy. The trips are voluntary but encouraged.

Q. How will I fit in?

A. We are committed to being open to all people with a lower voice register equally and to treat everyone with respect and equality. Rest assured that regardless of your background, experience, ethnicity, neurodiverity, abilities, sexual orientation, religion, spirituality or age you will be warmly welcomed and supported. Encouraging new members is one of the ways in which our choir has maintained its numbers, standards and reputation over many years. The choir comprises of people from all walks of life, of all ages, some working, some retired, all coming together to create something that they really love and which our audiences will enjoy.

Q. Will I like the music you sing?

A. We really hope so! We have a large, wide and eclectic repertoire of music to suit ALL tastes and all audiences, you may not like everything of course, but you will certainly like much of it. We are not just hymn singers but appreciate the need to maintain the traditional as well as staying relevant to changing audiences.

Why not give it a go?

Interested? Contact Us here!

Howard Lloyd – 07306 039777 –

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