Who’s Who

The choir is led by a dynamic Committee committed to fostering innovation and keeping the choir dynamic. Our Music Team curates the repertoire and leads rehearsals and performances. Additional vital groups include the Section Leaders and a dedicated Library Team. Adding to our charm is Bridie, the beloved Alsatian Guide Dog of our Baritone David Newsham, who adorably joins us at rehearsals and performances.

The Choir’s Support Structure

Lead Supporter & Choir President – Sir John Starkey

John serves as the figurehead of the choir, representing us at formal occasions and providing confident counsel and advice on choir matters. In addition to his leadership role, John contributes his powerful Bass vocals to the choir’s harmonies.

The Executive Committee

Chairman – Chris Coats

Chris serves as the leader of the choir organisation, overseeing Choir Development Strategies and leading the Executive Committee. Alongside his administrative responsibilities, Chris lends his voice as a Top Tenor, enriching the choir’s sound with his vocal talent.

Vice-Chairman – David Adcock

David, also known as the ‘VC’ (Vice Chairman), is the driving force behind turning decisions and strategies of the Executive Committee into action. With a positive, decisive, and capable approach, he ensures that the choir’s plans are implemented effectively. In addition to his leadership role, David contributes his voice as a Top Tenor, adding to the choir’s dynamic sound.

Choir Secretary – Howard Lloyd

Howard takes charge of administrative records, ensuring that all necessary documentation is organised and up-to-date. He serves as the main point of contact for communication within the choir, effectively relaying information to members and handling correspondence with other choirs and organizations. Alongside his administrative duties, Howard lends his voice as a Bass, enriching the choir’s harmonies with his deep tones.

Concert Manager – Terry Gray

Terry plays a vital role in ensuring smooth operations during choir performances. He visits venues beforehand to assess staging, seating arrangements, and accessibility for the choir. Terry takes charge of organising stage management during performances, ensuring everything runs seamlessly.  Terry’s contributions extend beyond logistics; he also lends his voice as a First Tenor, adding his melodious tones to the choir’s harmonies.

Concert Secretary – Brian Allen

Brian plays a pivotal role in the choir, ensuring that the team has suitable venues for performances. He diligently seeks out venues and assesses their suitability for choir concerts. Brian confirms the availability of the music team and coordinates the booking of concerts, ensuring that everything aligns smoothly. Beyond his administrative responsibilities, Brian brings his vocal talents as a Baritone, enriching the choir’s harmonies with his voice.

Social Secretary – Stan Candler

The role of the Social Secretary extends beyond organising tours; it encompasses orchestrating a variety of enjoyable social events for the choir. The Social Secretary ensures a diverse range of activities that foster camaraderie among choir members. Additionally, he coordinates the popular ‘Afterglow’ sessions, where members gather for social sings in the pub following concerts. Stan, who sings as a First Tenor in the choir, brings his organisational skills and enthusiasm to enhance the social aspect of the choir’s activities.

Membership Secretary – Bo Zinn

As the Membership Secretary, Bo plays a pivotal role in managing the choir’s membership records. This involves maintaining accurate records of choir members, tracking attendance, and providing regular reports to the executive committee. Collaborating closely with section leaders, Bo actively promotes attendance and engagement among choir members, ensuring a vibrant and committed community. Bo’s dedication and organisational skills contribute significantly to the smooth operation of the choir. Bo also sings Second Tenor.

Choir Treasurer – Joe Bean

As the Treasurer, Joe takes charge of managing the choir’s finances with meticulous care. He maintains accurate financial records, tracks income and expenses, and ensures transparency in financial transactions. Joe plays a crucial role in keeping the executive committee informed about the choir’s financial status, providing regular updates and reports. Additionally, he handles the collection of funds, demonstrating reliability and trustworthiness in financial matters. Joe’s expertise and diligence contribute to the financial stability and success of the choir. In addition Joe has a beautiful bass voice.


The Promotion Team plays a vital role in enhancing the visibility and reputation of the choir through high-quality media initiatives. They develop comprehensive strategies for publicity, utilising various channels to effectively promote concerts and events. Additionally, the team takes charge of organising tickets and programs, ensuring smooth and efficient management of audience engagement. Collaborative efforts within the team ensure that the choir receives maximum exposure and attracts a diverse audience to its performances.


The Music Team

(L-R Andrew, Ian, Roger)

Carlton Male Voice Choir is proud to collaborate with a team of dedicated and talented musicians who contribute their expertise to elevate our performances to new heights.

Musical Director – Ian Watts

Leading the way is Ian Watts, our Musical Director, whose multifaceted talents bring a wealth of experience to Carlton Male Voice Choir. In addition to conducting choirs, Ian showcases his musical prowess as a performer in The Kinx tribute band and previously with a Beatles tribute band. Renowned as a skilled pianist, organist, and guitarist, Ian also spearheads a commercial record label and recording studio business. His influence extends beyond our choir, as he served as President of the Nottingham & District Society of Organists in 2017/18 and currently directs the Lyrical SoNGbirds, an esteemed upper voice choir based in Wollaton, Nottingham.

Assistant Musical Director – Andrew Atkinson

Andrew, our Assistant Musical Director, skillfully conducts and rehearses the choir, infusing his extensive choral expertise into our performances. In addition to his role on the podium, Andrew showcases his vocal talents as a Second Tenor within the choir, contributing to our harmonious sound.

Principal Accompanist – Roger Holland

Roger, a graduate of the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, brings immense experience to the choir as an accompanist. His expertise extends to solo piano performance, with recordings featured on both local and national BBC radio stations. However, Roger’s tenure with the choir will conclude in July 2024, marking the end of an era enriched by his musical contributions.

Second Accompanist – Philip Miles

Philip brings a wealth of musical expertise to our Music Team, with diverse experience ranging from composition and conducting to performance and academic study. During his time at the University of Nottingham, Philip focused on the piano as his principal instrument of study, earning recognition such as the Department of Music Final Year Prize and achieving a First Class BA with Honours. His multifaceted background enriches our team and enhances our musical endeavors.

Deputy Accompanist – John Sellers

John’s musical journey has taken him through prestigious institutions such as the Huddersfield School of Music, the Royal Northern College of Music, and the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris. His diverse education and training have equipped him with a broad range of skills and perspectives, enriching his contributions to the world of music.

Associate Accompanist – Anne Hall

The choir is privileged to have Anne Hall as an Associate Accompanist, bringing her exceptional talent to our performances. Anne also serves as the accompanist for the Woodthorpe Singers, further demonstrating her prowess and dedication to the musical arts.

The Section Leaders

The Section Leaders play a vital role within the choir, tasked with several key responsibilities:

  1. Organising their respective sections during rehearsals and performances, ensuring smooth coordination and cohesion.
  2. Monitoring attendance and fostering a culture of professionalism and commitment among members.
  3. Providing guidance and support to new members by assigning mentors and overseeing their progression through to audition.
  4. Ensuring that members have access to the necessary sheet music and resources for their performances.
  5. Supporting the ongoing musical development of each member within their section.
  6. Collaborating closely with the Musical Director to enhance the musical performance and quality of their section.

Section Leader – First Tenors – Geoff Brooks

Section Leader – Second Tenors – Derek Thorne

Section Leader – Baritones – Mick Walker

Section Leader – Basses – Malcolm Fox

Theory Achievements Awards

Carlton Male Voice Choir proudly administers a voluntary three-level Music Theory exam. Congratulations to the following choristers who have earned Carlton MVC awards:


Barry Austin, Barry Dryden, Chris Davison, Cliff Hinks, Colin Baird, Dave Cherry, David Adcock, David Gee, David Newsham, David Watkinson, Derek Thorne, Derick Tetley, Garry Roberts, George Green, Harold Huxtable, Howard Lloyd, Ian Rowbotham, John Duffy, John Judson, John Wilson, Malcolm Fox, Mick Walker, Nigel Slater, Phil Cartwright, Philip Morgan, Robert Van Haazel, Sean Mansfield, Chris Murratt, Nic Jepson.


Chris Murratt, Derick Tetley, John Duffy, Colin Baird.

Others who help us

Logistics Operations – Dennis Clifton

Dennis, our behind-the-scenes hero, is the driving force behind the scenes. You’ll often find him managing the choir trailer, ensuring all equipment reaches venues safely and setting up for performances. With a perpetual smile, Dennis is typically the first to arrive and the last to leave, making sure everything runs smoothly.

Conductor Emeritus – Terry Moore

Terry served as the Musical Director of Carlton MVC from 1995 to 2016, succeeding Roger Pilgrim and Bob Davies. Under Terry’s guidance, the choir thrived for 21 years, performing around 200 songs during his tenure. Terry played a key role in establishing the Music Makers Competition. Although he retired after years of dedicated service, Terry remains actively involved in the choir’s continued growth as the ‘Conductor Emeritus’.


Bridie – our mascot and guide dog



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